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SurveySparrow - A simple way to create surveys

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

I recently needed to run some surveys for a new website and decided to try a couple of online creators out. I came across and I thought I would give it a try.

Signing up was straight forward enough, you pick your subdomain name when signing up with your email, you start on a 14-day trial of the enterprise plan which is $449/month or $349/month if paid annually.

You don’t need a credit card to enter the trial and once this is over you can choose to stay on this plan or downgrade all the way down to a free version.

The entry level of the paid version is called Basic and starts at $19/month if paid on an annual basis.

What does the software do well?

SurveySparrow has a lot of templates that you can use and just edit to suit your own requirements, these cover a wide range of scenarios that should cover every occasion, you can also make one from scratch.

You can make a standard survey with sliders, buttons and comment boxes or have a chat style version which works well on mobile devices. If you need to make surveys for offline completion in places where there is no internet or when you need to lock down a kiosk style device this can be added for a per device charge or as part of the higher subscriptions.

I tried one of the premade templates and within a few minutes I could send out my survey for completion. All the results are visible in the portal and you can download to csv, xlsx, or spss, you can also edit the survey from here if you need to tweak it.

There are a few integrations with other companies like Hubspot, Aweber, Salesforce, Zapier, Google contacts and Intercom, some of these are only in the higher price plans.

SurveySparrow is a simple to use system for surveys especially on mobile and offline devices, there are lots of various features, you would need to decide carefully what integrations you need by reading each price point.

Give the 14 day trial of SurveySparrow a whirl it costs nothing so why not?

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