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I have played with a lot of various video and image editing software both offline and online and I recently came across Invideo a totally online video creation program that I am just starting to use so thought I would share my thoughts about it.

InVideo helps you to create quality & professional videos from your content, it is very helpful for any size of business, raising brands awareness, day to marketing activities, content for social platforms or media companies. There is even a free version so would be also good for individuals to create quality & professional videos for fun or socials.

Video Creator Pricing

When you first login to the software you are presented with 3 main options that you can click for easier start-up of a new project or you can access old projects from the “MY PROJECTS” section at the top.

1. Convert a script you have into a video 2. Use a readymade template 3. Build a video from scratch

Option 1

You can choose the video format Horizontal, Vertical, Square or All which then shows themes that match based on your type of the video you want to make. There are 2 main choices of Storytelling or Quick videos these then change the type of themes shown for the categories.

Clicking on a theme gives you a quick preview that you can then decide to choose or go back to the list, a lot of the themes are biased towards the USA market in my opinion and I hope they can make some UK and European ones, but the content can easily be changed later.

Option 2

Option two is this section lets you quickly make a video for promotions, adverts, or to put on your social platforms like Instagram videos. They can also be very good for a simple Intro or product video, this makes it a powerful Video Creator and Video Editor all in one.

You get a little walkthrough when you first open this section explaining how it works you then get to a similar screen to option 1 with Invideo Storytelling or Quick Videos to choose from and there is also a section called Listicles in the storytelling area.

There are around 30 of the stories and a lot of the Quick Videos, all can be tweaked with your own content when done, they are still heavily biased towards the USA marketplace but hopefully again more worldwide ones or geographic packs might become available.

Option 3

This is where you are totally left to your own devices without any themes or anything, this can be a bit of a learning curve but most of the sections are fairly intuitive. You can add videos, images, sounds and you can unlock more premium items like unlimited videos and duration increase to 15 mins, if you click share with your friends on Google, Facebook and Linkedin. This only works for each project so your socials will be full to the brim of invites if working on a lot of projects. If you need these premium features frequently, you will need to pay for an upgrade.


1. Easy to use, not much extra skill required if you are used to videography.

2. Many ready templates available which saves time.

3. Fairly cost effective if you do more than a few videos.

4. Excellent 24/7 chat support, I have had quick answers even on a weekend.

5. They keep adding to the system and listen to ideas on Facebook etc.

6. Can be used anywhere you have a PC with internet and Chrome so not tied to one machine.


1. Only works in Chrome browser, you cannot even login to your account on the iPad.

2. Currently no mobile apps.

3. Work area is a touch cluttered especially since some of it is covered with the chat box icon.

4. Can sometimes be slow to render a video or populate search when finding videos to add

5. Having to keep inviting friends to get premium upgrades is a bit of a pain.

6. Could do with a few more videos that are not premium.

7. I would like some UK themed templates.

8. Can lose connection and sometimes doesn’t save automatically so keep saving if important.

Also not really a con more a feature request I would like to be able to move the media up and down from the preview page instead of having to go into the full edit screen.

I made a quick test video using the script to video feature for an advert I am looking to run for a SKY tv affiliate promotion, it needs more polish but a good first test.

Check out this great software here

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